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Glucose Sensors | Continuous Glucose Monitors

Continuous Glucose Monitoring

Glucose sensors, also called "Continuous Glucose Monitors", are a new tool in managing the diabetes in patients with both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. By wearing a glucose sensor that checks their blood sugar continuously throughout the day, patients and doctors have access to more information than they've ever had before. Watch the video below to learn more about what a continuous glucose monitor can do.

The Western Canadian Insulin Pump Centre is dedicated to providing easy access for patients with diabetes to glucose sensor technology. The clinic will provide expert guidance for the initiation of this therapy as well as options for ongoing comprehensive treatment. The centre is committed to research the long-term utility, safety, and effectiveness of this adjunct to Diabetes Care.

There are now devices that can be worn for up to seven days that will provide glucose readings continuously throughout the day. The user will be able to see this data in real time and it can serve as a valuable educational tool as well as to alert the user of high or low values. Comprehensive data can be computer analyzed to provide summaries of important trends that can help guide therapy.


The Centre can offer the device for 1 week with instructions. The user will be provided a summary report that can be shared with a supervising physician.

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